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  1. Major Price Drop for Solid State Drives

    What is the best thing you can do to speed up your computer? Replace your old hard drive with an SSD! Prices of SSD’s have now dropped to below $1 per GB. In some cases you can even find sale prices of around $0.50 per GB. That makes it more affordable to upgrade your computer…Read More

  2. The Anti-Virus Industry has a Dirty Little Secret

    The bad guys are always trying to be a step ahead of the anti-virus programs, and it doesn’t take a lot to be a step ahead. Criminals have discovered that malicious software can be very profitable. Viruses are tools they use to siphon out company trade secrets, control large botnets, and empty consumer bank accounts. The…Read More

  3. Warning About FBI, DOJ, and ICE Viruses

    The FBI, DOJ, ICE, NSA – most of us recognize these acronyms as different departments in government but what do they have to do with our computers? If you’re thinking it’s related to the NSA leaks that happened recently, you’re partially right. Recently we’ve seen a lot more computers coming in with the FBI, DOJ,…Read More

  4. Windows Start Button Coming Back

    It looks like Microsoft changed their mind and will not force Windows 8 users accept the new interface. The follow-up to Windows 8 (code named “Blue” to be released as Windows 8.1 later this year) will have an option to boot to a desktop and have a traditional Start button again. Unfortunately the Start Menu…Read More

  5. Optical Media Prices to Rise in Latter Half of 2013

    In the 2nd half of 2013, the prices of optical discs are expected to rise by 50%. This is due to some of the main manufacturers ceasing production in Japan and Taiwan. Of course, the market for optical discs is shrinking as other forms of removable media, such as flash drives, are becoming much more…Read More

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