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  1. The Cloud, Explained

    It’s the cloud. THE CLOUD! Very few times has something so soft and fluffy has created fear and doubt in the minds of many. Yet we hear about it all the time. So what is “the cloud?” Why should I care about it? Is it safe? The cloud can be as simply put as another…Read More

  2. Is Java and Adobe Flash Even Needed?

    We’ve all received those annoying popups asking to update Java or Adobe Flash. Some go through with it, others completely disregard them. Here on our own computers at Teknyka we used to just simply turn off those notifications and get updates automatically installed using the same software we offer in our Maintenance Plan. It just…Read More

  3. Throwing Apples Against Windows

    Does using an Apple a day really keep the computer doctor away? 7.5% of you sure think so!* So what makes using a Mac so lucrative even though it isn’t as versatile nor compatible as it’s Windows PC counterparts? Could it be its aesthetics, its reliability, it’s “immunity” to viruses, or even just the fact…Read More

  4. Majority of Businesses Pay Ransomware When Infected

    According to this ZDNet article, the majority of businesses who have been infected with a ransomware virus pay the demanded amount in order to get their data back. If you aren’t familiar with ransomware, we’d highly recommend getting acquainted with it as it could be devastating to your data and potentially to a business. In…Read More

  5. Don’t Fear the Gaming Machine

    A buzzword that’s unnecessarily turning people away from certain computers is the “gaming machine.” Usually, when we recommend these to customers who are looking for a power machine, we get the response, “Oh, I’m not a gamer.” Fortunately for them, these machines can do much more than give a great experience with the latest games.…Read More

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