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  1. Don’t Fear the Gaming Machine

    A buzzword that’s unnecessarily turning people away from certain computers is the “gaming machine.” Usually, when we recommend these to customers who are looking for a power machine, we get the response, “Oh, I’m not a gamer.” Fortunately for them, these machines can do much more than give a great experience with the latest games.…Read More

  2. Should I Stay or Should I Go… To Windows 10?

    There’s only a small amount of time left for Windows 10 to be a free upgrade from Windows 7/8.* The burning question in many people’s minds is whether they should stick with their current operating system or move on to the newest from Microsoft. Unfortunately, the answer is usually not an easy one for us to tell…Read More

  3. Beware of the Locky Virus

    We certainly want to make everyone aware of the not-so-new-trick that’s out there. The Locky virus, which typically is contracted by opening up infected attachments in email, is the next big virus out there. In short, it encrypts your files and holds them ransom until you pay by money order or Bitcoin! We’ve already had…Read More

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from Teknyka Tech Support!

                      As a Thank You to our customers we are offering a free New Computer Setup for the next two weeks! So if you buy a new computer on Black Friday, or through us, bring it in and we’ll do all of the following: * Uninstall pre-installed…Read More

  5. Post-Release Windows 10 Review

    The buzz around the computer world has been about Windows 10 lately. With all the marketing Microsoft has done, it’s garnered a lot of attention from both techies and non-techies alike. It has been out for nearly a couple of months and we’ve had a chance to see it, use it, and fix problems with…Read More

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