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  1. The Dangers of Using a Rollback Program

    We’ve recently had a customer come in for a problem that we haven’t seen before – while his backup program was running, the power got cut off on his computer. This in turn corrupted his Windows system files and he couldn’t boot up any longer. Curious about this program and how a backup could do…Read More

  2. Best & Worst Products

    Here is out latest list of best and worst products. BEST & WORST COMPUTERS Best: Apple, Asus, Lenovo Average: Samsung, Toshiba, Sony Worst: Dell, HP, Compaq, eMachines, Acer Personally I’ve found that the more you pay for a product the better quality and durability it has, regardless of which category they’re listed in above. BEST &…Read More

  3. ALERT – Some Lenovo’s Came Pre-Loaded With Malware!

    If you purchased a Lenovo computer in the past six months (September 2014-February 2015) it may have come with malware installed on it. The name of the malware is Superfish and in short it would bring up unwanted ads and may compromise your computer’s security. Lenovo has recently released a Security Advisory about this issue.…Read More

  4. The Best And Simplest Search Tip Of All!

    What is simply the best way to search online on a search engine like Google or Bing? The answer is: keep it short and simple! You can do this by describing what you need with as few terms as possible. Here are a few examples: Searching for [pizza canby] will give you better results than…Read More

  5. Why Can’t We Stop the Viruses?

    Ever wonder why your computer keeps getting infected? The reason viruses and spyware are so common is because these are the tools used by online criminal organizations to steal millions of dollars from people like you. One of the most common ways of getting infected is through compromised websites. A recent study shows that the…Read More

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