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  1. Don’t be fooled by this “virus scan”

    A client of mine called and said, “I got a message on my screen telling me that my computer is infected. It offered me a virus remover so I bought it. It seemed to fix it at first, but now I’m getting the pop-ups again. Help!” I checked his computer and found that he had…Read More

  2. Make Your Windows 8 Computer Look Like Windows 7

    One of the biggest complaints with Windows 8 is the fact that it doesn’t have a Start Menu. The most recent big update, Windows 8.1, does put in a Start Button but it just leads you right back to the Metro Mode – with the big colored squares. Luckily for all of us, there’s a…Read More

  3. Your Mouse Will Slow You Down

    Think the mouse is the best way to navigate your PC? No way! Having to constantly reach for the mouse to do simple tasks just slows you down. Learning to use common keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase the speed of which you use your computer, and it makes you look like you have great computer…Read More

  4. New (And Scary) Virus Has Popped Up – CryptoLocker

    A new virus has shown itself in the form of what is called ransomware – a virus that claims to hold files or your whole computer under lock until you pay them a certain amount of money. The only difference with CryptoLocker than what we’ve seen before? It actually does hold your files under a…Read More

  5. This Simple Fix Will Surprise You…

    The other day I got a frantic call from a client. They wanted me to come out and fix a major computer problem. The client said, “Our payroll system is down, it’s telling us there’s an error. We called the software company and they had us do a bunch of stuff but it still doesn’t…Read More

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