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Beware of the Locky Virus

We certainly want to make everyone aware of the not-so-new-trick that’s out there. The Locky virus, which typically is contracted by opening up infected attachments in email, is the next big virus out there. In short, it encrypts your files and holds them ransom until you pay by money order or Bitcoin!

We’ve already had customers report these strange emails appear in their inbox this week. Most people get this virus by opening malicious email attachments. As a precaution, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Do not open email attachments unless you are 100% certain they’re safe (some of these emails can be very convincing – don’t fall for it!).
  • Backup all of your data to an external location that is not attached to your computer.
  • Keep a good anti-virus up to date and enabled.

This virus is especially deceiving because it creates emails that make it seem like you are emailing yourself or sending a scan from a printer. See the image we included below for an example of what we are getting in our own email Spam box. No this doesn’t mean our email is infected, the people who made the virus is just using this as a trick to get us to click on it.

The $$$ it would cost to backup and protect yourself is much better than having to pay out hundreds of $$$ to thieves. If you’re concerned about your current protection and your backups (or lack of) please call us immediately. We could get your data backed up and protected today!