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  1. Net Neutrality Day of Action – Fight for the Internet!

    (Full disclosure: We really do try our best not to get political, whether it be with customer conversations or on social media. When it comes to Net Neutrality, however, we can’t help but bring some politics into it because of the nature of the subject. We aim to make this informative and not politically motivated.…Read More

  2. Java, Flash, and Silverlight Are Digital Sinking Ships

    There’s something that we’ve been keeping from you for a while. It’s not like we haven’t been wanting to tell you, but it’s been tough to really find a good way to put it. Enough is enough, though, and we’re going to get this off our chest and just rip the band-aid and say it…Read More

  3. Cheap Laptops That Come At A Price

    Our suggestion here at Teknyka is to spend at least $600 on a new laptop to ensure that you’ll be buying something that will last. The idea is that the parts inside won’t prematurely fail and their specs will be relevant for at least 4-5 years down the road. While it’s easy for us to put…Read More

  4. Cookies Are Ready!

    If this article were about baking cookies, the biggest debate that would happen would be which type of cookie is your favorite. While that would be a fun, sweet, and tasty conversation, we’re actually talking about a lesser known type of cookie – computer cookies. We’ll just call them cookies for the rest of the…Read More

  5. Ending Malwarebytes Trials

    Malwarebytes has recently changed their business model to automatically start a trial of their premium service on it’s next update in its newest version. While we’d recommend getting their premium service, it certainly is not necessary and the free edition of the program works wonderfully. It’s also a little misleading and may make some of…Read More

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