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Tech Tips


  1. Now Offering Free Pickup and Delivery

    Sometimes it’s not so easy to take all the cords out of the back of your computer and then have to figure out where they go afterwards. Give us a call 503-263-2222 and we’ll be happy come out and do the work for you! *Pickup and delivery is free of charge within 5 miles of…Read More

  2. More Awesome Search Tips

    Because you can’t have enough of these! Find a Local Business Looking for a store, restaurant, or other local business? Google, Bing, and Yahoo will show you a map of where the business is located, reviews, and contact information. Simply search for the business category and your location like this: tech support 97002 Don’t know…Read More

  3. Awesome Search Tips

    The internet is full of junk, unwanted advertisements, and excessive information. Wouldn’t it be great to cut down on the amount of information you have to wade through when searching the internet? Here are some simple search tricks that will help you get the results you want quickly and easily. Search Tip #4: Search for…Read More

  4. A Secure Place for Your Passwords

    If you’re like me you probably have about 50 online passwords and you struggle trying to remember them all! And since you try to make a different password for each account (remember that rule mentioned in the last article?) it makes it 50 times harder to keep track of all them all. I had difficulty…Read More

  5. Is your password one of the 10 most common?

    Are your passwords hard to guess? Are you using a different password for every important online account? It’s very important that you don’t use the same password for multiple accounts, because if one password gets compromised, then you grant access to all your accounts that have the same password. But did you know that even…Read More

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